Addiction is a neuropsychological condition that invariably affects every member of the family. Finding the right treatment can be challenging, whether drug or alcohol addiction. Is your loved one battling alcoholism? Are they struggling with addiction? You’re probably wondering where they can get help. We understand that it’s not easy to admit that we need help. We often try to hide our challenges, so we are not termed weak. Seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s indeed a strength.

Ron Cipriano and Johnson, drug rehab in Florida, can help your loved ones through the withdrawal and healing stage. Our counselors and therapists will walk them through the rehabilitation process. But first, let’s consider the different types of rehabilitation programs. This will help you make an informed decision.

Types of Therapy

The term “rehab” encompasses the various types of therapy programs. No two types of therapy work in the same way. Addiction treatment works in several methods:



Detox is usually the first step to recovery and sober living. This recovery process enables individuals to overcome addiction in a safe and controlled environment. Typically, detox programs last for a few days, approximately 3-7 days. Addiction counselor in Florida recommends this treatment for financially incapacitated people and individuals who can’t stay away from family or jobs for too long.


Inpatient or Residential Treatment

Inpatient programs are best suited for people that struggle with long-term addiction. This treatment combines addiction therapy services and detox spread across a long period. In addition, the programs are a good fit for individuals battling mental health issues.


Outpatient Treatment

This program focuses more on counseling and psychotherapy. It’s suitable for people new to addiction and highly motivated to stop drugs. An advantage of outpatient treatment is its flexibility, where people can maintain their personal and professional roles.


PHP/Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment

Partial hospitalization incorporates both residential and outpatient treatment. In this case, a drug addict that needs help in Fl undergoes therapy sessions in a rehab center or hospital for specific hours daily.



Addiction counselors in Florida recommend this follow-up program for people once they’ve completed a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. The aftercare program consists of support groups and one-on-one or group counseling. This treatment helps to prevent a relapse.


Sober living

Sober living facilities are designed for people struggling with addiction. They encourage peaceful coexistence with other residents and teach them self-regulation and responsibilities.


Help Finding Quality Rehabilitation

Do you know of any drug addict that needs help in Florida? Finding the best rehabilitation programs can be an arduous task for you. Our group of certified professionals at Ron Cipriano and Johnson can help you choose the right program. As an organization committed to your recovery, we can recommend and refer you to treatment modes we don’t offer. We’re not just focused on temporary abstinence but on long-term recovery. Are you searching for licensed and certified professionals for drug rehab in Florida? Contact us today, as We’re your best fit.