Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Drug And Alcohol Treatment

jacksonville, Florida: How Do I Choose The Right One?

Every addiction center has unique treatment methods that make its drug and alcohol treatment program suited for different people.
This is because each center has different specialties and addiction counselor programs, similar to how each addict has a unique addiction problem.
When one searches for “substance abuse counseling near me” or substance abuse counselor in Florida, the results you find will help educate you on the best option for you and will help you get proper answers to your questions.

What To Look For In An Adult Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program?

The Right Specialties

Most facilities will have multiple drug and alcohol treatment programs and an addiction counselor to help in the process.
Trauma therapists in Jacksonville, FL treat numerous addictions and have got more chances of success. Especially for habits that may require extensive detox procedures.

A High Success Rate

This is the perfect indicator of a highly rated drug and alcohol treatment program facility. In fact, the higher a treatment center is rated, it shows how high treatment success is achieved there. However, there are two red flags to be aware of.

  •  It is essential to define the success of this treatment center because it may be the percentage of completed programs or the number of clients who maintain sobriety for a more extended period.
  • What makes up a high success rate should be determined by their specialty.

Emphasis on Underlying Issues

Highly rated treatment centers focus on dual diagnosis treatments to ensure success. This is because underlying mental health issues cannot be addressed during treatment or will still be a problem during recovery. Addicts recovering with untreated underlying problems are more likely to relapse because of the unseen problems that caused their addiction.

Inclusive One-on-One Therapy services.

Numerous therapist services are available to you, like the trauma therapist in Jacksonville FL, and more. For some, it is advised to go through different therapy to address some issues from various angles and perspectives. That is why highly rated rehabs offer an all-inclusive therapy option.
Many rehabs centers suggest group therapy sessions, which are undoubtedly valuable. Nevertheless, it is also vital to get one-on-one sections with a trauma therapist.
Not just for individual treatments but also to let patients express memories and feelings that they couldn’t do in the group settings.

Accredited And Dedicated Staff

The staff found at treatment facilities are personnel who interact with addicts during treatment. They will guide you during the first phase of your sobriety journey. Examples are substance abuse counselors in Florida and mental health counselors in Jacksonville FL.

The Ron Cipriano and Johnson Drug And Alcohol Treatment

We offer drug and alcohol treatment at both of our locations in Jacksonville Beach and Jacksonville.

While we are known primarily for our IOP or Intensive Outpatient programs, we also offer individualized counseling that is well indicated.

This process starts with an initial assessment of the patient and then we refer you to a treatment model that best suits you.

Adult drug and alcohol treatment is available in both our locations in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach. While we are primarily known for our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program, we also offer individual counseling when it is indicated to do so. The process begins with an initial assessment and then referral to the treatment model that is best for you.

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